Health Champions

An 8 Week Online Program

This is a powerful self-guided diet and lifestyle program that will allow you to kick start your health and revitalize your life!  It is a step-by-step, week by week program in which you will seamlessly integrate a healthy diet and effective lifestyle changes. 

You can choose from several dietary plans, depending upon your health profile and what will significantly improve your health outcomes.  All diets, meal plans and recipes will be gluten and dairy-free and organized to help you to effectively manage your blood sugar for better energy and to abate sugar cravings. You will make small, incremental changes in your diet and lifestyle each week of the program. 

Your workbook is full of easy to read articles on nutrition, food, areas of health such as sleep, adrenal health, blood sugar regulation, brain health, and much more.  You will be amazed how much you will enjoy learning about your health and what it takes to be healthy for life. 

In the manual you will find the outline of the program, diet journals, tips on shopping, eating out, a sleep journal, ways to be successful with your program and so much more. 

You will also have your own personal nutrition and health coach to support you through your program to ensure your success!  Now is the time to become as healthy as you imagine you can be.  We invite to become a health champion!

What the program includes:

  • Manual, workbook, diet, meal plans, recipes, week by week instructional video
  • Supplements:  Vitamin formula, fish oil, antioxidant/anti-inflammatory support***
  • Two hours of personal coaching

Investment:  $475.00

***If you would like a truly customized approach, we can design a supplemental regimen that furthers your personal health goals.