Awesome Milestone! New Detox 360 Group Starts February 2018

healthy detoxification
A Detox 360 MILESTONE! We just completed our 25th Detox 360 group in November!!! The four weeks passed by so quickly and with the great support from the group, everyone had a successful detox experience. Every time we have a group detox, I find myself re-committing to eating even healthier than usual.  Just like everyone else, I feel a greater surge of energy an...
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How To Conquer Holiday Eating Challenges

conquer holiday eating
'How To' Conquer Holiday Eating Challenges! And it's easier than you think. This article offers a variety of how to tools to conquer your holiday eating challenges. It is sometimes difficult to resist the pressure to eat these "special" dishes so no family member will be offended. It is at these holiday times that old tastes and preferences surface ...
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Amazing Coconut Flour

Coconut flour could be the most beneficial flour to use for anyone with specific food allergies. Coconut flour lingers on the border of hypoallergenic, meaning, if you have a nut allergy, or wheat allergy, or even celiac disease, the amazing coconut flour can make eating baked goods a possibility again. Coconut flour has fewer digestible carbs than other flours, it’s glu...
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Why Should I Eat the Rainbow?!

Eating the rainbow — now that sounds kind of magical, doesn’t it?  And it really is magical, because eating the rainbow is essential to experiencing vibrant health.  But what does it mean to eat the rainbow, and exactly how does this way of eating contribute to vibrant health? Color is Key Eating the rainbow refers to including a wide variety of colorful vegetables and fr...
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Probiotics to the Rescue!

Take any shopping trip to the grocery store and you are bound to see probiotics all around you.  You can find them in items such as yogurt and kimichi and also as stand-alone supplements.  But why all the excitement?  What exactly are probiotics and why are they so ubiquitous? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization of the United Nat...
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