UWA Staff

Venus Tennellvenus

Venus is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from the Nutritional Therapy Association. Her approach to wellness is from a bio-individual perspective that starts with real food.

She has complimented her training with Apex seminars such as Functional Blood Chemistry, Mastering Thyroid and Mastering Brain Chemistry. She is not only a nutritionist; she is the FOM (Front Office Maven) here at Universal Wellness Associates.

Like many practitioners, Venus became a nutritionist to address her own health issues. One big lesson she has embraced is progress, not perfection. And now her passion is to help others with their own health journey. A few of her favorite ways to help clients is by offering personalized shopping trips, cabinet clean-outs and cooking lessons.

When she is not at UWA you can find her geeking out at a seminar, listening to wellness podcast, practicing Kundalini yoga, or just dreaming big and star gazing. She also takes full advantage of her library card to keep up with her curiosity for life.

Michelle Robison

Michelle will complete her Masters in Counseling Psychology in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT, LPC) from University of San Francisco, in spring of 2016.

She is also trained in Neurolinguistics Programing, Emotional Freedom (EFT) and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Michelle originally started working at UWA in 2004. She is so excited to be back where she belongs better and stronger and armed with more experience, enthusiasm and support after dealing with her own personal health crises that nearly took her down for the count.

Michelle is going to be assisting with the Detox 360 groups and she and Linda are developing innovative programs to augment the healing journey. She is planning to focus her counseling practice in the wellness field. Dealing with the myriad of emotional and psychological impacts that illness has on a person is almost always overlooked. Michelle believes that you cannot separate that aspect and expect a full recovery especially if you have been ill for a long time or you have had to adjust your lifestyle in a dramatic way.


Meet Jean Hilton

Jean’s interest, and now passion for health education began from securing the well-being of her children.  Eventually her interest became even more personal when she was diagnosed with Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in 2013.  This painful and often debilitating neurological disorder was triggered after a simple broken wrist. She had watched two of her adult sisters pass away after long-term treatment with pain medications for metabolic-related illnesses.  So she refused opiate management and sought alternative solutions.  Her acupuncturist resolved symptoms after just six weeks of treatment.  A strong desire to help alleviate pain like this in others has driven and informed her deep need to understand the body, wellness mechanisms and “alternative” modalities ever since.

When she saw family members suffering, she researched and developed successful healing protocols for various conditions such as Tourette’s Syndrome and other medically diagnosed neurological challenges, when many years of medical care failed to stop the symptoms.  Through these and more successes with loved ones she gained a respect for the body’s own healing mechanisms and the power of creating an individual approach that allows the body to create optimal balance.

Eventually, Jean was led to Holistic Nutrition after working with Linda Clark and saw some dramatic health improvements for some of her family members. This critical piece of the puzzle was a game-changer, and Jean wanted to understand it more fully. She began a Master’s program in Health Education and Holistic Nutrition and dove deeply into medical research databases and into discovering the underlying causes of health conditions.

Throughout her personal healing journey Jean began to understand the connection between food, inflammatory responses and neurological pain. This personal observation of the power of food choices connected her to the issues surrounding ‘safe” food availability and soil science issues. This led her to study Permaculture and in 2015 she became a Certified Permaculture Designer.

Her passion is finding new ways to empower individuals in any setting to gain control over some portion of their food sourcing, and also to utilize the power of nature to reduce the stressors to their health. As the body of science continues to grow in the field of Nature or Eco-Therapy, she continues to utilize mindful methods for connecting with nature for wellness. She and her husband have moved to Auburn where they are continually experimenting with Permaculture principles for real life applications.

Jean is thrilled to join Universal Wellness Associates.  As a lover of continual learning, Jean is passionate about studying current research and exploring new ideas in the fields of health, including nutrition, stress management, food justice, and eco-wellness. She sees functional nutrition as the integrative key to any individualized and optimized wellness plan, and loves to be part of the wellness team for those around her.

Jean has approached the journey toward wellness from various educational angles though out the years. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 1987 and completed half of a Master’s degree program in Speech Pathology before her first child was born and a new life path began. As the years passed she participated in various graduate programs including Education and Curriculum Development at Brandman University, Oriental Medicine at AIMC Berkeley, became a Certified Permaculture Designer and has completed the classwork for a Master’s Degree in Health Education and Holistic Nutrition at John F. Kennedy University, to be awarded in June of 2018.

Jean has certificates of completion for the following trainings by Dr. Kharazzian:     

The Development and Aging of the Brain, 2017

Mastering the Thyroid, 2017

Mastering Brain Chemistry, 2017

Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry, 2017

Functional Endocrinology, 2017