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Making Lasting Changes: Your Key to Optimal Health
Join us for a cutting edge look at “change” and how to be successful at making long lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle!
Have you ever tried to make changes and develop long term habits and found yourself struggling? We all have and you are not alone! Change is a dynamic process. Most of us want to feel good and those of us with chronic health issues know that there will be times when we want to give up making those changes. Sometimes it is just too overwhelming and time consuming. And yes, frustrating!
Then we get into the habit of making excuses for not “following our program.” Change does not depend upon luck or willpower. It is a process that can be successfully managed by anyone who understands how it works. Once you understand the process and know some strategies you can maintain motivation, turn setbacks into progress, and make your new beneficial habits a permanent part of your life.
In this life changing workshop you will discover how easy it is to make health a part of your life!
In this workshop you will:
  • Have hands-on experiences with the models and methods of making long-term changes
  • Learn about the cutting edge research on and techniques for self-compassion and how it impacts health outcomes
  • Take with you some practical tools and exercises you can use at home
  • Learn effective stress management strategies to use in your daily life
  • Learn proven methods to move through barriers to change
And much more………
Workshop Presenters
Both of our presenters are long-term clients of Universal Wellness and both are masters candidates in Holistic Health Education and Nutrition at John F. Kennedy University.
Emily White
Emily holds a BS in Nursing from CSU Sacramento and has been a registered nurse since 2000. She is currently enrolled in the Masters in Health Education with a specialization in Holistic Nutrition at John F. Kennedy University and will graduate in Spring 2018.
She is passionately committed to helping people discover their incredible ability to heal themselves and to take ownership of their health and lives. Developing meaningful relationships and connections with clients to determine dietary and lifestyle changes what enable them to live vibrantly, brings Emily tremendous joy.
Recently, she completed an 8 week “Mindful Self-Compassion” (MSC) course that had a profound effect on her and her own healing journey. She plans on becoming a Board Certified Nurse Coach to further enhance her coaching skills.
When she’s not buried in school work, she can be found in her kitchen preparing beautiful plant-based meals, climbing mountains, swimming, gardening, meditating or snuggling with her cats.
Jean Hilton
Jean has a background  in speech pathology and teaching. She began to explore Integrative Medicine after using alternative methods to heal herself and her children from chronic neurological illnesses. Through this process she saw the interrelationships inherent in the healing process — emotional factors, innate wisdom, mindfulness, environmental toxins, diet, lifestyle, food sourcing and building community support.
She spent a year studying Acupuncture at the Integrative Medical College in Berkeley, obtained a Permaculture Design Certification and is currently a masters candidate in the Health Education/Holistic Nutrition program at John F. Kennedy University. She has completed studies in Functional Blood chemistry and regularly attends seminars and conferences of the Weston A. Price Foundation where she serves as a member of the Society of Nutritional Education and Behavior.
Jean loves walking, coaching and consulting with others to support them through their changes toward optimal health. She teaches a course on long-term change and stress management.