2017: Thinking Back… Looking Forward!

Linda Clarke
Linda Clark
I can’t believe another year is almost over! 
When I first moved UWA to our current location, I had great plans to offer cooking classes, seminars, community events, health practitioner education workshops as well as serve our clients. And I’m so  honored to have had the support of this wonderful community help make this dream a reality.
Over the past seven years we’ve had the privilege of sponsoring many educational events and having a place to welcome each and every one of you.
During this time, I’ve also had the opportunity to travel around the country delivering the message of health and wellness to other practitioners. Together, we continue to create a new reality for what it means to get healthy and stay healthy.
What HAS Linda been doing?
In August, she attended the speaker’s training for Apex Energetics in Laguna Beach. Dr. Kharrazian and all of the professional speakers were there. She had a chance to catch up with Dr. Kharrazian.  He’s currently traveling monthly to Harvard University to work with a team of researchers doing testing on food cross-reactions to thyroid hormone tissues.
In August and November she taught two different seminars for Apex Energetics to health practitioners from all over Northern California. The seminars focused on “Sleep” and “Functional Blood Chemistry Patterns.”  She also taught a seminar on “Women’s Health” earlier in the year.
In early December she traveled to Chicago, Illinois and Austin,Texas to teach the Integrative Detox System featuring the Detox 360 program.
But no matter how busy she gets, Linda loves hearing from you. So, keep in touch and we’ll see you soon.

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