Amazing Benefits of Healthy Eating

Amazing Benefits of Healthy Eating

healthy eating
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For those naysayers in the audience Perhaps you’ve heard of the Finnish town that in 1972 earned the frightening distinction of having the highest heart attack rate in the world. After decades of extensive studies, forward thinkers, and families willing to embrace new habits, the statistics have changed.
By adopting a Mediterranean eating style, adding more vegetables and exercise, the Finns are now living an extra 6 to 7 years and the rest of the world is wondering what they’re doing so right.
“In a region of dairy farms, the proportion of residents consuming high-fat milk has dropped from about 70 percent to less than 10 percent,” according to Pekka Puska, a professor and the former director general of Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare.

Puska is the man who spearheaded the North Karelia Project, and the results have been mind-boggling.

In the United States, the leading cause of death for both sexes is heart disease. We’re told to avoid fats and get more exercise. But we all have busy lives, and most people cut out the wrong fats.

So our doctors prescribe pills for cholesterol and high blood pressure. But prescription medications come with side effects that often lead to other health issues. It’s a cycle that can wreak havoc on one’s health.
Adopting a diet that includes heart-friendly fats, such as; olive oil, flaxseed oil, olives, fish, avocado and nuts, helps lower the bad cholesterols and support your body’s natural health. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and make a promise to your heart to avoid fast food.

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