Awesome Milestone! New Detox 360 Group Starts February 2018

A Detox 360 MILESTONE!
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detoxification for health
We just completed our 25th Detox 360 group in November!!!
The four weeks passed by so quickly and with the great support from the group, everyone had a successful detox experience. Every time we have a group detox, I find myself re-committing to eating even healthier than usual.  Just like everyone else, I feel a greater surge of energy and sense of well-being. It seems so easy to commit to eating “clean” after the detox.
But, then we arrive into the season where it is so tempting to make choices that may derail our progress and commitment to our health. I think the biggest issues we all face are weight gain, resisting temptation and disappointment in ourselves. Be sure to keep reading and find out my TIPS for facing challenges with holiday eating. 
Look for our announcement for the February Detox 360 group. Several people have already signed up and space is limited.
Also in January, one of her students will be interning here at UWA. Her name is April Dyer and she’ll be assisting Linda with the Detox 360 program. She’s an athlete, lives in the Bay Area and can’t wait to start hanging out in the office. Be sure to say hello.
Contact the office to sign up for the next group, or get on our mailing list. We’re preparing to launch Detox 360 On-Line!

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