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Eating Out

Restaurant meals can often contain too many calories, too much fat, salt, and maybe even too much protein. Also, there may be hidden food allergens if you are sensitive to certain foods (dairy, gluten, soy, etc.).  An occasional splurge is fine, but if you eat out often, try to do the following to stay on …

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Corn generated ethanol biofuel with test tubes on white backgrou

The Fructose Dilemma

Fructose is Pervasive Something has happened to our food supply and it is so subtle that most of us are not even aware of it.  It is a food substance that is found in virtually every package of prepared foods, frozen foods, canned foods, juices, nutritional beverages, sodas, candy bars and even protein bars.  It …

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Depressed businesswoman sitting in the premises

Is Stress Your Friend?

What is Stress? In today’s fast-paced world, stress seems to have become a way of life.  If you find that your shoulders are tense, or you feel irritable, angry, or unable to concentrate, then you may be overly stressed. A certain amount of daily stress is normal and necessary.  Positive stress adds anticipation and excitement …

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