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Any shopping trip to the grocery store and you are bound to see probiotics all around you.  You can find them in yogurt, kefir and stand alone supplements.  So you might be wondering what exactly are probiotics? According to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization of the United Nations, “probiotics are …

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Support Your Immune System

  Support Your Immune System Knowing how to support your immune system while traveling can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. When you travel, especially long distances and for weeks at a time, your body utilizes energy reserves which creates stress on your nervous system as well as your adrenals. Your need for …

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Healthy Digestion for Awesome Health

Healthy Digestion Healthy Digestion and Our Digestive System Healthy digestion and digestive issues run Americans thousands of dollars a year. But they don’t have to. Absorption of nutrients, and elimination of wastes are essential requirements for healthy digestion. The gastrointestinal tract which regulates all of these functions is considered to be the “seat of health.” …

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Nutrition & The Brain

Healthy Body = Healthy Brain Nutrition and The Brain is an exciting and information-packed class on the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on brain health. The brain is not usually part of our health care paradigm even though it is one of the most susceptible organs to the effects of a poor diet and a stressful …

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