Comprehensive Bio-Screen

Conventional blood chemistry testing is focused, for the most part, on treating symptoms and identifying pathology. Once identified, it can be treated with surgery, pharmaceutical medications, further testing and other medical procedures.

Functional blood chemistry, on the other hand, is focused on investigating and determining the underlying and contributing causes of health imbalances and health conditions. It provides a comprehensive overview of the different systems of the body to determine what metabolic and biochemical imbalances exist that could determine the potential for health as well as for illness. As such, the analysis is based on “functional ranges” to assess the imbalances. This allows us to develop a more targeted diet and lifestyle program to optimize health potential.

For many this may provide a sense of relief if they have been told that there is nothing wrong with them, even if they are experiencing symptoms.

We start our health evaluation with a Comprehensive Bio-Screen which includes five pages worth of lab markers – liver, kidney, lipids, blood sugar, electrolytes, minerals, immune function, iron studies, red blood cell function, inflammatory markers, comprehensive thyroid panel, and much more.

This test must be run prior to your first appointment.


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