Metabolic Assessment

The Metabolic Assessment is a two hour session in which we look at your health concerns and challenges through your health history and specific metabolic questionnaires that cover many areas of health including gastrointestinal health, blood sugar, adrenal health, thyroid health, toxicity, hormonal health, brain health and more.

We also review your current diet, recommend any further tests, recommend dietary changes and work with you to create clear objectives for meeting your health goals.

This is the first place to start so that we find out about you, your health concerns and goals. This allows us to determine what type of program would best meet your goals.

Call to schedule a time with us. If you have any recent lab tests, please bring them with you. But, be aware that your test may not include all of the important markers that we use to evaluate your overall health.

Prior to your initial assessment call us to schedule a Comprehensive Bio-Screen blood profile, so we can have all of the important markers needed to evaluate your overall health.

Initial Metabolic Assessment  $280 for two hours

Metabolic Assessment Form

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