Oct 2019: Thinking Back… Looking Forward!

Linda Clarke
Linda Clark
I can’t believe that we have been in our new location for almost a year!For many years I have dreamed of having a health center where various functional medicine and alternative health practitioners could join forces to provide a range of services. That dream has now become a reality!  We opened our center in October of 2018.  We now have a core group of practitioners who are not only dedicated to supporting you in improving your health, but also who collaborate with each other to provide the best care possible! Together we create a new reality for what it means to get healthy and stay healthy.

We have a very large kitchen, meeting space, a healing environment and some new services.  You now have a wider range of opportunities to address your health at a whole new level!

Here are the practitioners:

Linda Clark, MA, CNC        Functional Nutrition, Author, Educator and Professional



Jean Hilton, MA, CN           Functional Nutrition, Health Coach and HeartMath



Nyna Nelson, RN,NP         Alternative Wellness Solutions, Functional Hormone Specialist


Teresa Diaz, MD                 Functional and Lifestyle Medicine and Gynecology


Sherie Viencek, DC, CBNS Functional Nutrition, Chiropractic, Lifestyle Medicine


Come visit us and just sit and relax in our new center.

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