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Nov 6, 2014

Linda Clark is amazing! She has become my medical guru. She understands the functioning of the whole body and strives to make you well, not just look for a disease and suppress the symptoms.

I came to Linda desperate after 6 years of major depression brought on by surgery. I had been to many eminent psychiatrists, tried all the psych meds. I had tried many alternatives, functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists,
naturopaths, neurotherapy treatments, homeopathy, and some I cannot even remember. The final straw was a cortisone injection to my ankle by a well meaning doctor – I was desperately depressed. No one had been able to help me and in desperation with a recommendation from one of her students, I contacted Linda.
What impressed me was Linda’s positive attitude and then her thorough intake questions. We proceeded with blood work and a stool sample. Then the detective work began. It was clear my immune system was compromised and I had several gut infections to clear. Linda knew exactly what to do and over the next few months, with a paleo diet, supplements to clear the infections and the right balancing of my brain chemicals I was well again.
I had the best spring and summer in many years and was well and happy at the birth of my first grandchild.
I would never hesitate to recommend Linda. She is able to see small patterns that contribute to ill health long before traditional western medical doctors. Thank you Linda.
~Alison Hill

May 23, 2011

About a decade ago, I began experiencing problems with my immune system and hormonal imbalances which eventually left me in a debilitated state. I could write a lengthy list of all the problems I was experiencing.  As the severity increased, I tried every known option available in the traditional allopathic system. Nothing worked. Every practitioner who I approached was supposedly an “expert” on hormone issues. I trusted that they knew what they were doing and I invested my time and money. Not only did my situation not get any better, but with each practitioner, my quality of life deteriorated even further. In a way, I felt as though I was floundering and drowning. To illustrate how serious my situation was, my doctor was threatening to admit me to the hospital!

It seemed that there was no solution to my problems.  I was grasping for answers on the internet. How I found Linda Clark can only be described as miraculous! Just by chance, in a conversation, Linda Clark’s name came up.  We connected and she immediately recognized after an extended interview and evaluation that my immune system was “on fire.” From that day on, she has offered her support on many levels. She’s always there professionally and personally as a medical and nutritional expert, a coach who is always empathetic and mindful, and as a friend and a guide.
Linda and I have been working together for a year and a half. Following her recommendations has required my discipline with consistently following through with diet modifications and supplements.  The payoff has been well worth it! What elevates her above other nutritional consultants is that she has an extensive background and knowledge base, as well as a natural capacity for empathizing with what I’ve had to go through.  Her approach embodies the term “holistic” – she works with my physical, mental and emotional needs.  I have a new perspective on the importance of nutrition, supplementation and, above all, balance. Linda has also inspired my interest in a career in the nutrition arena.
I have so much more energy and focus now and feel a million times better. I have finally found someone who I trust to coach me on my well-being!
~Sofia M.


May 15, 2011

My life has improved physically and mentally working with Linda.  She has educated me on nutrition, hormone therapy and living a clean lifestyle.  I would encourage anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle to visit Linda and her staff.
They are knowledgeable and desire to help make a difference in individuals lives.  I can truly say that the quality of my life and knowledge has increased to make better choices for my body and life.  I look forward to each day making good food choices, exercising and having balance in my life.
To a Healthier You!
~Michell J.


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