Creative Tools & Techniques for Self Healing

Healing lies in doing things that you love.  Plan something to look forward to each day to connect yourself with your inner soul.  Imagination is a must.  Your immune system doesn’t know the difference between an actual day at the beach or one you might dream up while sitting in silence.

  1. Write a note to yourself about how you want to feel today or how you want the day to go.
  2. Put something fun and colorful near your workstation.
    • Will relieve eye strain.
    • If computer monitor is green, use something red, burgundy or pink.
    • If computer monitor is blue, use something orange or coral.
  3. Write one line to a poem and periodically add a line throughout the day.
  4. Let yourself know that you are creative and that you are an artist.
  5. Make a paper airplane and imagine where you would like to fly.
  6. Ten minute morning warm-up:
    • Move your body in any way it wants to move.
    • Put on some music and let the music “move” you.
    • If you feel comfortable, make sounds, any sounds you like, with your voice.
  7. Play music to relax. Play relaxing music.
  8. Sing in the shower. Experiment with sounds.
  9. When you are out walking, listen to the sounds. Imitate those sounds.
  10. Go to the music of the ocean, a brook or a waterfall and just listen.
  11. Set up a water fountain in your environment.
  12. Create a “sacred space” wherever you are. Add candles, water treatments, color, music or anything that you find relaxing and nourishing.
  13. Listen to tapes or CD’s of natural sounds: ocean waves, birds singing, leaves rustling, water flowing, etc.
  14. Sing a lullaby to yourself or a loved one.
  15. Make a “drumming circle” with friends and play the drums for healing.
  16. Make some instruments from recycled trash. Play them.  Create a “sound piece” or play along with some favorite music.
  17. Beautify your work environment with color, flowers, fun objects, inspirational quotes, affirmations, etc.
  18. Use music to center you when you exercise, cook dinner, drive your car.
    • Remember you can use music to change your emotions.
  19. Have an “art party.” Invite some friends over to create art, paint or do some crafts.
  20. Create a giant heart. Place it on a wall.  Write wishes, prayers for healing or anything else that is inspiring or healing.
  21. Spend 5 minutes coloring in a coloring book. Color in a picture, cartoon, mandala, etc.
  22. Create a sacred space with an altar of “sacred” objects as reminders of the sacredness of life.
  23. Create a healing moment that is just your own. This moment is sacred because it is the work of your heart.  You go into a different flow of consciousness.
  24. Go to a website with beautiful photographs and just enjoy the colors, the shapes, and the feelings that come up.
  25. Paint your environment in peaceful, calming colors: pastels, neutrals, green, blue, purple, soft yellow, light gold, etc.  If you have lots of vibrant colors in every room, it may stimulate your energy, but you will have a difficult time really being able to relax.


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