starch sensitivity test
starch sensitivity test

Starch Sensitivity?

Take our starch sensitivity test to determine if you may be suffering from this common issue. Linda will evaluate your results.

Please answer yes or no to each question.

5 _______ I have a tendency towards high blood pressure.

5 _______ I gain weight easily, especially around my middle and have difficulty losing it.

5 _______ I often experience mental confusion.

5 _______ I often experience fatigue and generalized weakness.

10 ______ I have diabetic tendencies.

4 _______ I get tired and/or hungry in the mid-afternoon.

5 _______ About an hour or two after eating a full meal that includes dessert, I want more dessert.

3 _______ It is harder for me to control my eating for the rest of the day if I have a breakfast

containing carbohydrates than it would be if I had nothing at all.

4 _______ When I try to lose weight I find it harder to eat several small meals, than to skip eating most of the day.

3 _______ Once I start eating sweets, or starches (bread, crackers, etc.) I often have difficulty stopping.

3 _______ I would rather have an ordinary meal including dessert than a gourmet meal not including dessert.

5 _______ After finishing a whole meal I often feel as if I could go back and eat the whole meal again.

3 _______ A meal of only meat and vegetables leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

3 _______ If I’m feeling down, a snack of cake or cookies makes me feel better.

3 _______ If potatoes, bread, pasta, or dessert are on the table I will often skip eating vegetables or salad.

4 _______ I get a sleepy, almost “drugged” feeling after eating a large meal containing potatoes, bread, pasta, or dessert, whereas I feel more energetic after eating a large meal of only meat or fish and salad.

3 _______ I have a hard time going to sleep at times without a bedtime snack.

3 _______ Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep unless I eat something.

5 _______ I get irritable if I miss a meal or mealtime is delayed.

2 _______ At a restaurant I almost always eat too much bread, even before the meal is served.

Total points: _________________

Dietary recommendations based on your score:

(1-20) Standard balancing of protein, fats, and carbs (vegetables, fruit, starchy

vegetables, grains, legumes) with only occasional high glycemic carbohydrates. (a


(25+) Strict balancing of foods while avoiding high glycemic carbohydrates, even eating

some meals without starches such as grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables. Eating

a green salad with chicken (no bread) is an example of a no starch meal.

REALLY IMPORTANT: The higher your score the more important it is for you to balance your

carbohydrate to protein ratios at each meal.

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