Support Your Immune System


Support Your Immune System

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Support Your Immune System While Traveling

Knowing how to support your immune system while traveling can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. When you travel, especially long distances and for weeks at a time, your body utilizes energy reserves which creates stress on your nervous system as well as your adrenals. Your need for the production of adrenal hormones increases and thus your need to take care of yourself also increases. There are some simple strategies that support your immune system no matter where you are — for instance, get restful sleep, drink plenty of water and liquid, take time outs and eat healthy meals.

But if you’re planning a bon voyage kind of trip, doing more than a minimum is necessary. If you want to support your immune system, and come home glowing, keep reading.

Two Weeks Prior to Your Trip:

Begin taking some immune system enhancers such as echinacea, mushroom extracts, astragalus or combination formulas that contain immune enhancing herbs. These can be found in a formula called Immunitone Plus. (please see below)
Take a multi-vitamin that contains Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, bioflavonoids, and other anti-oxidants prior to and during your trip. Increasing vitamin and anti-oxidant intake can increase immune status.
Eat a diet of fresh, whole foods. Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and healthy sources of protein (fish, meats, poultry, eggs) during your travels can help you stay healthy both before, during and after travel.
The Day Before You Leave & During Your Trip:
There are also some homeopathic formulations that can ward off respiratory, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. Here are a few suggestions:
Oscillococcinum (Boiron) (Seasonal flu and viral remedy)
  1. Take one vial (under tongue) the day before your trip.
  2. Take one vial upon arrival at your destination.
  3. Take last vial the day before return flight.
This is a homeopathic remedy that will increase your resistance to any respiratory infection. Use **four sprays in mouth, under tongue, twice a day while traveling.
** Best to take the homeopathic formulas away from meals.
A Must for ANY Traveler. This is a homeopathic remedy that addresses minor symptoms related to stress and immune weaknesses and some viruses encountered by traveling. It is also helpful with food poisoning. Use one spray every day while traveling.
Immunitone Plus
This is an immune system enhancer. Take one capsule each day throughout trip. If get a cold or the flu, take one capsule every two hours for three days and then take one capsule every four hours thereafter.
Other remedies include:  Probiotics and a multi.
Several Weeks to Months Prior to Departure
Take vaccines one at a time to allow the body time to recover from each. Five days prior to, and five days after vaccines take the following:
ClearVite powder
Take 1 scoop per day to protect your gut from any damage caused by the vaccines.
Simply add it to a smoothie: Mix it in water, coconut milk and fresh or frozen fruit. Add one tablespoon of OmegaCo3 (fish oil) and a handful of nuts. Use a blender for best results.
OxiCell (glutathione cream)
Rub 1/4 teaspoon into vascular areas 3 times a day two weeks PRIOR and for a MONTH after the VACCINE injection.
Electromagnetic Stress
Homeopathics:  Rad Tox, Kidney Drainage
Respiratory Support
Homeopathics:  PnuPro (Apex Energetics) – Four sprays in mouth two times a day for the duration of your trip.
Endocrine Support
Supporting your endocrine health during the trip is crucial, so that you can stay energized and healthy throughout your travels. Here are some nutritional basics that you should have in your traveler’s first-aid kit:
  • Ola Loa: Energy Multi packets. 1 packet in water per day.  Start taking the day you plan to travel.

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