The Ugly Truth About Wheat

Ugly Truth About Wheat

ugly truth about wheat
ugly truth about wheat

It’s hard to believe that even after all of the scientific findings, there are people who still think Celiac is a bunch of rhetoric. For those suffering from the disease, the proof is irrefutable, and yet, just as doctors and husbands once viewed menstrual cramps as imaginary, it may take many more years before critics come to accept that which they have no first-hand knowledge about.

We’re providing two links to the first and second part of an article entitled The Dark Side of Wheat written by Green Med’s Sayer Ji about Celiac disease, wheat and our DNA.

Ji states that Celiac disease was once an incredibly rare problem, but now affects about one in one-hundred people. Further, the article examines how wheat, and wheat-fed products have created a biological cascade in our bodies. Ji claims that Celiac is the body’s cry to avoid a food that has become a diet staple over the course of a mere one-hundred years. Our historic counterparts did not cultivate wheat to the extend that we do; further, our counterparts did not process and force the production is the glue-based food. Rather, pseudo-grains such as quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth were the staples that accompanied the paleo-type diets our bodies had cultivated for thousands of years.

The article is an interesting read and we hope you enjoy it.

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