We offer group and individualized health-based programs that address your specific needs and help bring you back into total vitality.

The Total Vitality Programs

This is our most requested and popular program. This comprehensive program take you from detoxification through nutritional coaching. You will experience an amazing shift in your health, and understanding of lifelong vitality. If you’re ready to take control of your life, this program is perfect you.

The Detox 360 Programs

Detox 360 is a national program designed to get your health back on track while teaching you how to avoid the toxins that are so prevalent in our environment today. Toxins continually undermine our best efforts, but with Detox 360, you’ll have the power and knowledge to stay in control of your best self and best health!

The Health Champion Series

If you’re ready to kick start your health and revitalize your life, this program is for you.  We take the guess work out of achieving your health goals with this powerful self-guided diet and lifestyle program.

Vitality Rewards and our Referral Program are follow-up benefits for clients who want to keep saving money on their professional products.

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